Resume Keywords & Action Verbs by Career Pathway

Keywords are the next-level skills, abilities and qualifications that are present in position descriptions and found in the career research you’ve done within your field. By identifying tailored action and keywords and connecting them to the relevant experiences you’ve gained, you can more accurately describe and demonstrate that you have what it takes for your chosen field.

Below is a list of tailored action verbs and keywords organized by Career Pathway to help you shape your application materials to the new heights.

Agricultural, Food & Natural Resources

Education & Training

Hospitality, Tourism, Sports, & Recreation


Architecture & Construction

Finance, Accounting, Banking, & Insurance

Human Services & Non-Profit

Marketing, Advertising, Sales, & Service

Art, Dance, Music & Video

Government & Public Administration

Information Technology


Business, Management & Operations

Health & Public Health

Law, Public Safety, & Security

Transportation & Logistics

Career Services recognizes the ongoing need to expand Career Pathways with the current model as a starting place. With the help of our campus community and employer partners, we hope to explore and add more specific pathways to this tool as an ongoing effort to embrace change and support students by providing ideas and helping Huskers create career connections. If you would like to contribute, please complete the form here.