Build My Organization’s Brand

Building your brand presence on campus is an important component in your recruiting process. Learn more about all the different opportunities on-campus and beyond, designed specifically to increase your brand visibility and engage with students.

Create a social media/digital strategy

  • Have a presence
  • Make it easy to navigate to your career site from social media platforms
  • Build relevant content: showcase your intern and their experience, let students know you’re on-campus
  • Connect on Handshake/LinkedIn

Build your presence on campus

  • Host info booths/sessions
  • Attend career fairs
  • Connect with affinity groups (not how this would work if employers want to be more involved in this space)
  • Attend college-specific events
  • Consider bringing along an alum or employees that are energetic and eager to connect with students
  • Join Husker Circle

Form on-campus relationships

  • When hosting info booths/sessions, visit with students and faculty in the building
  • Offer time to student groups or classrooms to assist them with their needs

Start student connects early in your talent pipeline strategy

  • Offer time to freshman or students that may not fit in your roles now but will affect how future juniors and seniors think of your organization

Look inside your organization

  • What is your culture and how do you communicate that? What sets you apart?
  • What are current interns or alums working at your organization value at the moment? What attracted them to you?
  • Have a wholesome internship program
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