Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Where are you from and what do you miss most about home?

I am a Third Culture Kid. My home country is Indore, India and my host country is Dubai, U.A.E. I consider my host county as where I am from. The one thing I miss about Dubai is the lifestyle. Dubai has a very good work and personal life balance. Though it is a fast-paced life where there is always something new to do or experience, I miss the culture. But even more, I miss the food. Dubai has such a diverse population that you can find any and every cuisine.

What are you studying and how did you choose this path?

I am studying Political Science, English, and Film Studies. I have always had a passion for languages and English being my second language gave me a lot of advantage as a major. I planned to go to law school after undergraduate and Political Science is a common and recommended major for pre-law students. Choosing a social science to study allowed me to dive into the researches and scientific side of academics without the complexities of natural sciences.

What experience has helped you grow the most?

I have been a part of the University Career Services team for over a year now. As a member of the student staff, I have had tremendous opportunity for growth personally and professionally. UCS has offered me with knowledge about the career development field and has presented with opportunities to develop on my professional skills. The staff has fostered my progress as a student worker, and I have been able to help other students do the same. I have been able to see all the different ways I can help students.

What is one piece of advice you would give to your fellow international students around career development?

Build connections. The professional world is all about building the right kind of connections. Always push yourself to get to know more culturally and socially diverse people. Build connections with people who are not in your field. Constantly look for ways to expand your social circle and always try to be as inclusive as possible. The more people you know, the more opportunities you develop for yourself and for others.