Pinky Swear Ambassadors on Campus for Kids with Cancer


The purpose of the PACK Program shall be to raise awareness of pediatric cancer on campus as well as in the community, support children battling cancer and their families, fundraise in order to support pediatric cancer, and otherwise support the mission of the Pinky Swear PACK Program. 

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln PACK Program will achieve the above statements by engaging in the following activities:
a. Completing hands-on projects to support kids with cancer and their families on a local and
national level.
b. Spreading the mission of the Pinky Swear PACK Program by hosting and participating in events
on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and in the community.
c. Working with other University of Nebraska-Lincoln student organizations in order to expand
awareness of pediatric cancer as well as the work and mission of the Pinky Swear PACK