Peer Mentorship

Best Buddies

Peer MentorshipSocial

Fosters one-to-one friendships between college students without IDD and their peers on campus or in the community with IDD. Young …

Mechanical Engineering Mentorship Program

Academic/ProfessionalPeer Mentorship

What should I know about the classes and professors I’m taking? How do I find an internship? How can I …

Engineering Ambassadors Network

Academic/ProfessionalLeadershipPeer Mentorship

The Engineering Ambassador Network is a student-led initiative to promote engineering. Student representatives visit K-12 schools throughout the state of …

Clifton Strengths Organization

Academic/ProfessionalLeadershipPeer Mentorship

The Clifton Strengths Organization is a student-led club geared towards building a strengths-based mindset for college students throughout UNL.