On-line/e-mail Applications

FAQs: COVID-19 and Your Career

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Often connecting with employers is done electronically. Proof your information as carefully as you would a hard-copy version and consider these additional guidelines.

Applying via e-mail

  • Use a professional email account name, avoiding words that undercut your credibility.
  • Use a short but meaningful subject header which includes your name.
  • Follow instructions, such as referencing job code numbers in the subject line.
  • Write your correspondence as a formal letter, using an appropriate salutation.
  • Apply in the format the employer requests, which may be to send your resume in the email text or as an attachment.
  • If attaching your resume and cover letter, use pdf format and name the documents with your name (patsmithresume.pdf rather than resume.pdf).

On-line Applications

  • Follow employer-specific website instructions, but be cautious in providing personal information such as social security number.
  • Complete all fields, even those that are not required.
  • Be aware of when your application is submitted; some sites allow you to enter data across multiple visits with a final submit option.
  • Target your information to the specific organization and position.
  • Submit applications for each position of interest, updating your profile as appropriate.
  • If it not possible to include a cover letter, you may be able to paste cover letter content into open text boxes or make them an additional page of your resume document.
  • Follow-up with employers on specific openings just as if hard-copy been sent.
  • Reference your portfolio or other documents such as credential file if appropriate.