• Paid, short-term project or observation based experiences
  • May be completed in-person, remotely or hybrid
  • Typically ten to forty total hours of work
  • Usually two to six weeks long
  • In a variety of career fields
  • Provided and supervised by an Alumni of Color, First Gen Alumni, and Students of Color/First Gen Friendly professionals


Benefits of Micro-Internships

Through Micro-Internships, students can:

  • Gain mentorship from an Alum of Color, First Gen Alum, or Students of Color/First Gen Friendly professional in a career pathway of interest
  • Explore and test career fields of interest
  • Strengthen academic outcomes and career readiness
  • Expand experiences and skills on resume
  • Consider work environment for future roles

If you are interested in the Micro-Internship Program schedule a quick meeting with the team.

At this time, we are not able to offer opportunities to students who require additional authorization to work in the United States.


To hire an Intern through the Micro-Internship and Mentoring Program, schedule an appointment with the Program Coordinators below. We will discuss what you have in mind or explore opportunities for projects, and the steps that follow


The University Career Services Team will: 

  • Consult with Mentor/Supervisor to help develop the Micro-Internship project and its posting. 
  • Promote the opportunity to UNL First Generation students and Students of Color.
  • Collect and share student applications for selection.
  • Connect Intern and Mentor/Supervisor via email. 
  • Support Mentor/Supervisor and Intern throughout the internship as needed.