Major Exploration Video Resource


On this website, you will find videos from most of the colleges at Nebraska. These videos will provide a basic introduction to the majors in the college, touching on topics such as classes, involvement opportunities, and possible career paths. We hope that the videos will spark your interests, and will be a jumping-off point for further exploration.

UNL Majors Exploration Videos

Each video is on a playlist, organized by the college. As you watch the videos, reflect on these questions:

–          What seems interesting about this major?
–          Does this major fit well with my interests, skills, and values?
–          After watching this video, what questions do I still have to be answered about this major?

Press on each College to view the specific majors they offer.


Next Steps:

– Continue to learn more about your majors of interests with the UNL Catalog 

– Reflect on what you’re learning about each major using the Major Profiler worksheet

-Consider using the Meaningful Work worksheets to help clarify your interests, skills and career values

-Consider using this decision-making worksheet to help you identify your top values to compare and contrast your options

Schedule a meeting with a career coach to continue the major exploration process