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Protect yourself from fraudulent opportunities and scams by exercising caution and good judgment. UNL Career Services carefully screens employers and positions posted in Husker Hire Link, but job seekers must use common sense when responding to employers.

Possible Signs of a Fraudulent Employer
  • Watch for anonymity; if it is difficult to find an address, contact, or employer name then proceed with caution.
  • The organization website doesn't link to the right organization or has limited information.
  • When you search the employer's phone or email, they do not appear connected to an actual organization.
  • When you search the organization and "scam" (i.e. Acme Company Scam), the results show several scam reports.
  • The contact email address is not a primary domain or doesn't match the organization (i.e., rather than
  • The employer contacts you by phone, however there is no way to call them back.
  • The employer says they do not have an office in your area and need you to get it established (these postings often include a request for your banking information, supposedly to help the employer make transactions).
  • The employer requests personal information such as a photo, social security number, driver's license, or financial information.
  • The employer offers you a job without meeting or interacting with you.
Possible Signs of a Fraudulent Opportunity
  • The posting includes spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The opportunity focuses on money to be made or indicates a compensation higher than the average compensation for that position type, often for very little work.
  • You must provide credit card or bank account numbers, or other personal financial documentation.
  • The position requires an initial investment, such as a payment by wire service or courier.
  • The position offers a large payment in exchange for allowing the use of your bank account or offers to send you a check before you do any work.
Next Steps

If you encounter questionable postings in Husker Hire Link or other online sites:

  • End all communication with the employer.
  • Monitor your accounts if personal information was disclosed.
  • If you have sent money to the employer, contact your bank or credit card company to close your account and dispute any charges.
  • Report the fraud or scam to UNL Career Services. We can help you determine if you also need to alert the police.

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