Tips for Freshmen Attending Career Fairs

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Freshmen may attend career fairs to learn about potential careers and to prepare for future fairs. Although some employers may be more focused on hiring interns and graduates, others are interested in developing relationships with freshmen. Freshmen attending the fair should make a good impression as they may be meeting with their future employer!

Tips to Make the Most of the Fair

  • Research the Career Services website’s list of employers to identify which employers to visit. Try to choose employers who may be less familiar names to increase your knowledge of careers and employers.
  • Plan what you will wear to make a good impression; we suggest dress slacks and a nice shirt.
  • Update your resume to show your college major and activities and bring several copies to the fair. Some employers may request a resume and this will show your preparedness.
  • A career fair consists of many employer booths. Some may have materials on a table while others may have more extensive displays. Give yourself plenty of time to circulate among the various organizations.
  • Consider what you will say to organization representatives. Your research of organizations should help you have some questions. A good starting point is with your own introduction, something like these:
    • "My name is Pat and I am a freshman computer science major. I am exploring career fields and would like to learn how computer science is applied in your organization."
    • "Hello, I am a freshman communications studies major and liked how your website was really clear in how you serve customers. Can you tell me more about the types of people you have working in your organization?"
  • If you have not yet declared a major, a career fair is still a great way to learn about options. You might ask the organization representative about their own major and how they use it in that organization.
  • Remember that other students also want to visit with the employer, so politely thank the representative for their time. If you would like to follow up with the employer about future opportunities or information, request a business card from the representative.
  • Career Services and other campus staff are available at the registration areas to help you. Do not hesitate to stop by and ask them questions.