Faculty: Post Your Research Opportunities

Post research positions for undergraduate students here. UCARE will post research positions on the Current Research Opportunities student page.

Tell students what kind of relationship they can expect to build with you and make a best case for yourself as a mentor. How do you and your team support student learning, training and professional development, and sense of belongingness in the workplace environment? How flexible are you with student schedules or remote work? If you and your team have helped a lot of students get into top graduate schools or created fun traditions together, mention them. If you are passionate about working with first-generation college students or involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in your College or academic field, that may also be relevant.

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Between mid-November and mid-February annually, students may submit a written proposal for research and creative activities to be completed in the following summer and/or academic year.
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UCARE students may propose work for next summer, next academic year, or both.
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Current research postings are reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure accuracy. If you have not contacted UCARE@unl.edu to let us know your position has been filled, we will remove the posting when it expires. Select the month your position will expire and be removed from the site.

Contact UCARE@unl.edu when the position has been filled.