Exploring: Human Services, Nonprofit & Social Justice Pathways

Wednesday, March 8th

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location: NE Union (Centennial Room & Ballroom)

This event is an exploratory, low-pressure opportunity to connect & learn from professionals to help you gain insight and clarity about human services, nonprofit, and social justice career pathways. The goal is to help you understand the realities of entering and working in each industry.

Students are encouraged to register for the event on Handshake

The event consists of 3 sessions:

Panel Session: Past, Present & Future of Human Services, Nonprofit & Social Justice Pathways

We will have a 30-minute panel with three panelists that will answer predetermined questions asked by UNL Career Services. The last 10 minutes of the session will be reserved for a students to ask our panelists any questions they may have.

Discussion Rounds

In this part, professionals will be randomly assigned to round tables throughout the ballroom. There will be three discussion rounds, each lasting 20 minutes. Students will have discussions with professionals that foster conversations regarding the vast range of experiences in each field, including prep and entry into the field, getting established, intricacies, and insights. Students will be asked to move tables between each round to help them make new connections & have diverse conversations.

Freestyle Session

During this 25-minute session, students will be able to browse informational materials and speak freely with employers to ask any questions they may have.

How do I prepare?

Explore the information about the panelists and professionals below. This will help you figure out who is best to talk with based on your questions and pathway interests.

Read up on the questions/topics that will be covered during the event and come up with any extra questions you may have.

View the round table seating map below to see where professionals will be placed, so you can best connect with them during the discussion rounds.

What will I gain from attending?

From this event, you will gain insight into each field, including how to prepare for entry and get established. You’ll also learn about the intricacies of each field and receive general advice from industry professionals while making valuable connections.

Meet Our Panelists

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CEO, Nonprofit Association of the Midlands

Executive Director, Lincoln Literacy

Founder, All of Us Together

Equity and Inclusion Director, Nebraska Children’s Home Society

Meet Our Employers

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