Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes

Location: United States Experience Type: UCARE Experience


The recent reports on the enhanced CO2 solubility for the confined ionic liquids (ILs) within polymeric domains, indicate the potential of stabilizing ILs within the macromolecular domains and benefiting from the non-ideal properties of the mixture.

Potential Tasks:
In this project, the undergraduate researcher will be responsible in investigating the nanoconfinement effect in supported ionic liquid membrane. The researcher will develop design of experiment, conduct the experimental work, and data analysis to optimize the type of membrane, ionic liquid, and ingredients’ concentrations. The work will be conducted in process systems engineering (PSE) laboratory, located in Othmer 303.

Student Qualifications:

Engineering, Chemistry, and Physics


Faculty Advisor Mona Bavarian
Contact E-mail
Department Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Potential UCARE Research Position? Yes
UCARE Terms next academic year (2023-2024)
Start Date 08/15/2023
Flexible Start Date? Yes
Paid or Volunteer Work? Paid by UCARE Funding
Hours per Week 10