Role of YAP in Metastatic Breast Cancer Cell Migration

Location: United States Experience Type: UCARE Experience


It is urgent to delineate the molecular mechanism of breast cancer cell migration and resultant metastasis to the target site since the majority of breast cancer death is caused by metastasis. Breast cancer cells are exposed to varying mechanophysical cues during migration, and recent studies evidenced that Yes-Associated Protein (YAP) plays a role in metastatic breast cancer cell sensing and response to external mechanophysical signals in regulating its migration behavior. Our lab aims to determine the detailed mechanism of YAP control in metastatic MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell migration under physiologically relevant flow shear stress condition and mechanical stretch loading situation. Our study will ultimately propose potential molecular therapeutic target to deal with breast cancer metastasis.

Faculty Advisor Jung Yul Lim
Contact E-mail
Department Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Potential UCARE Research Position? Yes
UCARE Terms next academic year (2023-2024)
Start Date 09/01/2023
Flexible Start Date? Yes
Paid or Volunteer Experience? Paid by UCARE Funding
Hours per Week 6