Connect with Employers

FAQs: COVID-19 and Your Career

Schedule a phone or video appointment with a career advisor through MyPlan.

Call us at (402)-472-3145 or email us at

Job Listings

Job and internship listing websites can be focused on geographic areas, types of employers, or specific job types as well as very general sites. Also check professional organizations and employer websites for opportunities.

Career Fairs & Programs

UNL Career Services coordinates and sponsors a variety of career fairs in the Fall and Spring semesters to directly connect students and alumni with employers.

On-Campus Interviews

Hundreds of employers come to UNL to conduct on-campus interviews. Interviews are typically conducted in the Nebraska Unions but some are held in academic buildings.

Interview Types

  • PRE-SELECT - Students submit resumes and employers select individuals to interview. Resume submission deadlines are set based on the employers' interview dates. Selected individuals will be contacted via e-mail and schedule their interview time through Handshake. If you miss the deadline, you may still mail a resume and cover letter to the employer on your own, stating your interest in the employer's UNL campus visit in your letter.
  • QUALIFIED OPEN – Students select an interview time on a first come, first serve basis. Employers set the interview date and determine interviewing preferences. If you match the preferences and times are still available, you may select an interview time and automatically submit your Handshake resume.
  • ROOM ONLY – Some employers advertise positions and set their own on-campus interview schedule.

Skipped interviews damage UNL's relations with employers.

Choosing an interview time is your decision. Accepting interviews with organizations you are not interested in and/or failing to attend scheduled interviews deprives others of opportunities, wastes recruiter and staff time, and makes you and UNL appear unprofessional.

If you must cancel and interview, you must provide at least 24 hours notice.

Failing to appear for a scheduled interview or canceling your interview without 24 hours notice will affect your interviewing and referral privileges.

  • First Offense:

    You will receive a letter of reprimand instructing you that your Handshake registration will be blocked, all pre-select requests will be canceled, and your resume will not be forwarded to any potential employers until you meet with a Career Services advisor. A copy of this letter may also be sent to a representative of your College. We recommend you send a letter of apology to the inconvenienced employer and provide a copy to the Career Services advisor. Interviewing and referral privileges may be reinstated pending the outcome of the meeting.

  • Second Offense:

    Your Handshake registration and all interviewing and referral privileges will be revoked. All pre-select requests and scheduled interviews will be canceled. A representative of your College may be informed that your privileges have been revoked. You will not be allowed to re-subscribe to Handshake until the beginning of the next academic year.

Creating Networks

Learn about opportunities outside of traditional job postings and develop relationships with people who are then helpful in the job search.

  • Visit our Creating Networks page on ways to connect with professionals in fields that you are interested in
  • LinkedIn is an online professional networking site. Users can search for people, employers and groups. Join the Official University of Nebraska-Lincoln LinkedIn group to find alumni from your home country or academic background. Reach out to them for their advice. Also join groups related to your targeted career field, academic background, or industry.