Center for Resilience in Agricultural Working Landscapes

Professor: Dr. Craig Allen, Dr. Dan Uden, Dr. Liz VanWormer

The Center for Resilience in Agricultural Landscapes, with the partnership of the Nebraska One Health program and the Center for Grassland Studies, and others, will address this challenge by focusing research, teaching and engagement on the theory and practice of resilience. The Center includes institutions and non-governmental organizations with a stake in maintaining productive and resilient food, energy, water and ecosystem services (FEWES) landscapes, with emphasis on the north-central Great Plains of the United States, one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. The irrigation systems of the Great Plains constitute an enormous investment in social, economic, and political infrastructure, creating one of the most complex irrigation societies in the world. The science and technology that has enabled this agricultural production has been exported as a global solution to food insecurity, yet the resilience and long-term sustainability of this model is uncertain and untested. The importance of this system, and others like it, demands an understanding of its response to stress, and where critical tipping points may lay — its resilience.

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