Information Technology, Data & Analytics

Are you looking for a career path that allows you to be systematic, efficient, and/or use technical skills? Do you enjoy learning about preparing statistical charts, writing code, or analyzing data that facilitates better decision-making?  Careers in this community focus on developing computer systems, managing computer networks, analyzing, coding, presenting, and interpreting data to address industry problems, and more.

Career Pathways In This Community 
Since a major doesn’t always indicate a specific career path, it may be challenging to know all the possibilities and career options that exist in each field. By clicking on the career pathways below, you can start exploring some of the career options for each pathway. While these are not comprehensive lists, this resource can serve as a guide to provide students, advisors, and faculty with recommendations and keywords for further career exploration and research.


Majors & Minors

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers Nebraska’s only comprehensive program of higher education, research, …

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers programs leading to the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. Students …

An actuary is a mathematically-oriented business person who will most likely be a manager or supervisor at some point in …

The Department of Biochemistry offers studies leading to either a bachelor of science (BS) or to a combined bachelors and …

The School of Biological Sciences offers educational opportunities in various areas of biology leading toward either the bachelor of science …

A strong mathematics background is essential to an increasing variety of careers. The Department of Mathematics encourages students to select …

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Ways To Gain Experience

Find out more about different ways you can start gaining experience.

The Ultimate Job Search Guide

This guide is a valuable tool for finding job and internship opportunities, writing your resume and cover letters, marketing yourself …

Welcome to Handshake at UNL!

Handshake is the place for students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to engage with employers and search/apply for internships, co-ops, …

Candid Career Videos

Learn about careers from interviews with hundreds of professionals in a wide range of fields.

How To: Research Careers

Get started on your career research with the help of the Career Interest Communities.

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