Cultivate Connections in my Field

In this video…

  • Learn about how to strategically network
  • Understand the importance of building relationships in your field
  • Where to find resources on cultivating connections


Career Resources

A Guide to Networking

This is a valuable tool for learning how to grow and expand your career connections and network.


UNL Alumni LinkedIn Tool

One of the best ways to build career connections is to meet UNL alumni who have either graduated from your …

Informational Interview Template (TIARA Method)

Utilize this resource to structure your informational interviews and strengthen your relationship building and information sharing during Informational Interviews.

Students …

Husker Suit-Up FAQ’s & Merchandise List (Spring 2023)

Click the blocks below to view the Suit-Up Event FAQ’s and the Suit-Up Event Merchandising List.

University students are dealing with a lot right now. We hope you are well and staying safe. Among the stressors …

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