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Career Services at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers numerous career fairs and events throughout the year to meet the recruiting and branding needs of our valuable employer partners. Career Fairs are an opportunity to engage with students seeking opportunities such as jobs and internships, help students explore and learn about career paths, and communicate the brand culture of your organization. Events offer an opportunity for employers to provide valuable career development to students while engaging them with your brand.

Find upcoming career fair dates and info here or by contacting our employer relations team.

Career Fairs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University Career Fairs
(Fall & Spring)

Each fall and spring semester, the UNL Career Services Community hosts large multi-day Career Fairs. These fairs help students connect to opportunities within a broad range of industries.

Over the course of a regular year, over 5,000 students attend at least one career fair!

Actuarial Science Fair

The University of Nebraska Actuarial Science Program is one of 17 Centers of Actuarial Excellence in the United States as designated by the Society of Actuaries.  Each fall, the program hosts a Career Fair to connect employers with over 350 students looking for internships and full-time positions in actuarial science and related fields.  For information on logistics and registering for the Career Fair, please contact Courtney Strayer.  For information about the Actuarial Science Program in general, please contact Sue Vagts or Heather Clemens.

College of Architecture Career & Internship Fair

Each Spring, the College of Architecture hosts an on-site Career Fair at the College of Architecture.  Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Planning firms from across the country attend the Career Fair.  The event is typically a two-day event with an “expo type” format in the mornings and individual interviews in the afternoons.  For more information please visit

Durham School Career Fair – Omaha Campus

The Durham School Career Fair allows employers to connect with 400+ students preparing for the building industry. This fair, which takes place every Fall in Omaha, is specific to students majoring in architectural engineering, construction engineering, construction management, and civil engineering. With three days of programming—Internship Presentations and Welcome Reception, Career Fair, and Next-Day Interviews—the Durham School Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to engage with employers across the city, state, and country.

For more information, please contact Theresa Luensmann, Assistant Director of Engineering Career Services.

Education Fair
(Fall & Spring)

The Education Career Fairs at UNL offer an opportunities for education students to engage with districts about their institutions, opportunities, and what they have to offer. They also offer students early in their college experience to begin honing networking skills while engaging with schools across Nebraska, the midwest, and the nation. For more information, please contact Mollie Rappl or Hollie Smith.

Raikes School Career Fair

The Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management is a leading honors program offering an interdisciplinary education in computer science, data science, business, and innovation for high-ability students. The Raikes School develops leaders for technology-driven industries through project-based curriculum paired with a unique 4-year residential living-learning community. Students in the Raikes School pursue various majors including computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, mathematics, actuarial science, finance, economics, and management.

The Raikes School Career Fair connects employers with 140+ high-ability students searching for internships and full-time positions in software engineering, project or product management, finance, actuarial science, and data science and is generally held the evening of the larger Nebraska STEM career fair. For more information, contact the Raikes School at


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Bailey Herrera
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Bailey Herrera
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