Career Guide to UNL Majors - Physics

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  • Lead Innovator, Nanonation
  • Process Engineer I, Garmin
  • Researcher, University of Nebraska
  • Temp Worker, Holland Computing Center
  • Loan Adviser, Nelnet
  • Missionary, Fellowship of Catholic University Students
  • Software Developer Engineer, CSG International
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Further Education

  • Doctorate in Physics, Twin Cities-University of Minnesota
  • Master of Arts in Science Teaching, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Masters-Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • MAT Science Education, Boston University
  • M.S. in Physics, Appalachian State
  • Medical Degree, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • PhD in Atomic/Molecular/Optical Physics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • PhD in Applied Physics, Northwestern University
  • PhD Geophysics, Texas A&M University
  • PhD in Physics, Colorado State University
  • PhD in Physics, University of Arizona-Tucson
  • PhD in Astrophysics, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, University of Maryland-College Park
  • Ph.D. in Astronomy, University of California-Berkeley
  • Ph.D. Physics, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Ph.D. Physics, University of California-San Diego
  • Physics Ph.D, University of Iowa
  • Physics Ph.D. Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Intern, UNL Holland Computing

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