Kris Scanlon

Career Development Specialist

Kris Scanlon

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

How did you gain experience when you were a student?

I worked two major-related internships simultaneously during my final two years as an undergrad. Both were on-campus internships, where I first discovered how much I enjoyed working in a higher ed environment and interacting with students, staff, and faculty.

How did you become a career development professional?

I had a double-major in Journalism and Advertising and earned a Bachelor of Journalism. About five years after graduating, I saw a job opening as an Internship Coordinator. As a student, I remembered how challenging it was to write a resume and seek out this assistance as a student, and I was drawn to wanting to help current students down this path and serve as a resource for them.

Who is someone who impacted your career development?

One of my advertising professors greatly impacted my career development. She was the one who ultimately provided guidance and assistance in developing my first resume and was one of my first references.

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