Bonnie Martin

Assistant Director of Career Services

Bonnie Martin

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

How did you gain experience when you were a student?  

As a student at UNL, I was active in the Honors program as well as the Undergraduate Library Advisory Board; this board was founded before the Love Library renovation, so we offered input on a myriad of issues, like which chairs students were most likely to study in! I also interned at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha in the Education department.

How did you become a career development professional? 

I majored in English and minored in History, Communication Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. I fell into Career Services through “planned happenstance,” following what abilities I knew I possessed and areas that interested me. Fortunately, English is a wonderfully broad major, which equips students with writing and critical thinking skills that apply to many career paths.

Who is someone who impacted your career development? 

My English department faculty advisor always encouraged me to develop professionally. She is the reason I attended a career fair and created a LinkedIn account before I graduated. Additionally, my undergraduate thesis advisor showed me that we can go through college without a clear career trajectory laid out and that pursuing academics for the sake of enriching our lives will afford us ample opportunities in the future.

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By Bonnie Martin
Bonnie Martin Assistant Director of Career Services Bonnie Martin
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