Coding Connections: Roel Navarrete’s Path from Career Fair to Internship 

“I went to the Career Fair last fall. I got to speak with a ton of great companies, and I ended up interning at one of them this summer!” 

Roel Navarrete, a UNL senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math and Engineering Leadership landed an internship with RentVision. Thanks to the Career Fair, Roel was able to make meaningful connections to strengthen his professional network and secure opportunities that align with his career goals. 

“I first came across RentVision at the Career Fair. Everyone at the booth was super friendly. Caleb, the person I talked to, ended up being my mentor!” said Roel. 

As a software engineer intern, Roel works on creating and updating code as needed for the company and clients. One of the latest projects he completed was updating the login page to match the current brand’s aesthetic. 

“I love that I get to apply everything I’ve learned from school and personal projects to a real-world setting. It’s been awesome getting to work with an amazing mentor and a competitive team. I’m super excited to continue creating software and websites using my creativity, technical skills, and teamwork,” said Roel. 

Roel aspires to become a full-stack developer to create software to help others, with the goal of eventually becoming a game developer. 

Outside of his studies, Roel is involved in Asian Student Union, Filipino Student Association, and intramural tennis doubles. 

Be sure to mark your calendars for the week of September 16th for the Career Fair! To stay informed about the latest Career Fair updates and other resources, connect with us at 

Roel Navarrete smiling
Roel Navarrete, RentVision Intern
By Erica Napuli
Erica Napuli