Taking the Leap: Kiley Pham 

“People often ask me how I found my internship at Benesch. The truth is the internship found me.” 

Kiley Pham, a UNL Senior majoring in Civil Engineering, is continuing her role as an Aviation Intern at Benesch this summer. As an Aviation Intern, Kiley performs quality checks to ensure that engineers’ numbers match plans and projects. Kiley found this opportunity by not being afraid to ask questions during a class guest speaker session, which lead her to the Career Fair. 

 “I was the only student who asked questions. After class, I introduced myself to my future manager. He recommended that I apply for their internship and attend the Career Fair for more information. After the Career Fair and speaking with the recruitment team, I received a call to schedule an interview,” said Kiley.  

Kiley Pham sits on stairs in Kiewit Hall.
Kiley Pham sits on stairs in Kiewit Hall.

She recommends that students attend the Career Fair and utilize career coaching services, such as through the College of Engineering’s Inclusion Scholars Program, as it personally helped her jumpstart her career.  Kiley enjoys her internship as the hands-on experience is comparable to nothing else.  

“I am excited about this opportunity because it brings me closer to entering the real world as an engineer. What I learn in my classes is very different from my internship; you learn a lot by being on the job.”  

Outside of her studies, Kiley is involved in Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc., and the Inclusion Scholars Program on campus.

Interested in getting connected to career coaches and other resources to jumpstart your professional experiences like Kiley? Career Services can help! 

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By Erica Napuli
Erica Napuli