From Passion to Participation: Kolton Jueneman 

Kolton Jueneman, a UNL Sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Math and Computer Science is interning at the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility (MwRSF) this summer. Introduced to engineering operations by his father, Kolton became fascinated by the experiences and projects engineers had as a part of their profession. Through his role as a Research Intern, Kolton combines his passion for motorsports and engineering in a learning experience like no other. 

“I actually knew about the MwRSF since well before high school. I am a big motorsports fan, and this facility developed Steel and Foam Energy Reduction (SAFER) barriers, which are found at most NASCAR and IndyCar tracks today,” said Kolton. 

As an intern, Kolton participates in hands-on opportunities that will provide him with valuable knowledge to assist in his future aspirations of working in fluid dynamics or aerodynamics. 

Kolton Jeuneman poses in front of train.
MwRSF Research Intern Kolton Jueneman

“I assist in the construction and assembly of the various hardware that will be tested, as well as assuring the product is aligned with the engineering drawings. I also assist in the crash test procedures and crash test analyzation,” said Kolton. “I am mostly excited about watching full-scale crash tests, as they are always fun to watch. I am also excited about being a part of a professional environment and learning about the engineering process.”

Outside of his studies, Kolton is involved in the UNL Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Motorsports, and the UNL Running Club.  

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By Erica Napuli
Erica Napuli