UNL senior Gage Boardman.
Unlocking Career Potential: Gage Boardman’s Journey of Storytelling and Growth at UNL

“Without the Job Search Guide, my Career Coach, and my team at Career Services, I don’t think I would have found a full-time opportunity right out of college like I did,” said Boardman.

Gage Boardman, a senior Acting major at UNL, is just finishing up his internship at Career Services with big plans for the future.

Starting in May of 2023, Gage was the Social Media, Marketing, and Communications Intern for University Career Services here on campus. He was responsible for creating content and marketing pieces promoting career development resources across campus. Including reels, blog articles, infographics, and other communication pieces.

“I don’t think I could have asked for a better internship,” said Boardman. “The team I worked with never failed to support me. Everyone wanted each other to succeed, and that created such a positive environment for growth. I’d especially like to thank my manager, Amber Pape, for being an incredible mentor.”

Prior to starting his internship, Gage didn’t have much knowledge of career development. It was only after creating content for Career Services that he realized how important it was to focus on building a career path in college.

“I had NO idea how to even write a good resume. But after looking through our resources, the Job Search Guide, and even meeting with my Career Coach, I realized I had all the tools I needed to succeed in my career journey. Acting and content creation are both my passions, and so learning how to market myself as a storyteller is probably the most important thing that Career Services taught me. I began to research full-time opportunities for after graduation, and with help from my Career Coach, I got a job offer! I’m certainly not stopping my acting career, but this is the perfect opportunity to continue flexing my creative muscles,” said Boardman.

This summer, Gage will begin a full-time position at EducationQuest as a Content Creation Specialist, doing much of the same work he’s been doing at Career Services!

Outside of his internship and studies, Gage was heavily involved throughout his college career. He’s acted in multiple productions on campus for the Nebraska Rep Theatre, for the Theatrix student theatre company, and in several short films. He served as Artistic Director for Theatrix, Vice President of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion board, and the President of Nebraska Masquers.

Want to meet with a Career Coach and start your career journey? Connect 👉 careers.unl.edu/connect

By Gage Boardman-Allgood
Gage Boardman-Allgood