Paws and Passion: Emily Glodowski’s Veterinary Pursuit

“I was looking for an internship this summer in Lincoln that would allow me to gain animal experience, so I went to Handshake and started browsing. I came across the Animal Physiology Lab research position and decided to apply. That led to an interview and ultimately a job working in the lab,” said Glodowski

UNL sophomore Emily Glodowski.

Emily Glodowski, a UNL sophomore, is majoring in Animal Science with the Veterinary Sciences option and following the Pre-Veterinary track.

Utilizing Handshake, the platform for UNL students to engage with employers and search/apply for internships and jobs, Glodowski was able to find an opportunity that aligned perfectly with her studies. To help her figure out what this career path could look like, Emily met with a Career Coach.

“I have utilized a career coach, and I highly recommend them to other students who are struggling with what life looks like after college and need guidance in choosing what major best suits their dreams. Talking with a career coach helped me decide on a future career that not only interests me, but also aligns with my values,” said Glodowski.

Starting after finals week, Glodowski will be working at the Animal Physiology Lab as a Lab Student Worker. Her main responsibilities will be to support Dr. Cupp and other staff in their experiments and daily maintenance of the lab.

“I am most excited to see a different side of agriculture and animal science from what I am used to. I am experienced in the production side of livestock but have never had a role working with livestock research. This new opportunity will allow me to grow and experience new things and that is what I am most excited about,” said Glodowski.

Looking towards the future, Emily plans on attending veterinary school right here in Nebraska. After that, she hopes to work under an experienced small and large animal veterinarian in rural Nebraska to help her gain initial experience in the field.

“I would love to work in western Nebraska and get significant large animal experience while seeing a side of Nebraska I haven’t before. After some years of gaining confidence and experience as a veterinarian, I plan to open my own small and large animal vet clinic. It has always been a dream of mine to open my own vet clinic in a rural setting, growing a business and community through caring for animals,” said Glodowski.

Outside of her studies, Emily is involved with The Salt Company, a college ministry. She has also played in several intramurals, her favorites being sand and court volleyball and basketball.

If you’re looking for internship or job opportunities, check out Handshake! 👉 Welcome to Handshake at UNL! – Career Services | Nebraska

By Gage Boardman-Allgood
Gage Boardman-Allgood