How to find an Inclusive Workplace?

How to know what to look for?

For many folks, finding a workplace that is inclusive, affirming, equitable and welcoming of all gender identities and sexual orientations isn’t just a preference, it’s a a necessity. But finding an inclusive workplace isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds. For one, workplaces aren’t either inclusive or exclusive. Every employer is going to have different policies, workplace cultures and expectations that may work well for some folks but not others. For that reason, it is helpful to have an idea of what makes a workplace feel inclusive and welcoming for you and all of your identities and experiences. For a great list of some initiatives and policies that some companies have to promote inclusion, check out this blog. Each of these companies will also be participating in an event called Pride in the Workplace, on October 14, where you can speak to representatives about ways they’re promoting inclusion within their companies.

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Resources to Find Inclusive Workplaces

In addition to attending Pride in the Workplace, there are some other great resources for finding an inclusive workplace!

The Human Rights Campaign provides a great website for finding resources that can help you make decisions and be informed about different employers you might be considering. Every year, the HRC puts together a list, called the Corporate Equality Index, which is a benchmarking tool that provides insight into how well corporate policies benefit and protect LGBTQA+ employees. HRC also has a feature where you can search companies, cities or even healthcare facilities to see how they rank on the HRC’s Corporate, Municipal and Healthcare Equity Indices, in addition to many helpful articles and information about workplace and governmental policies and protections.

OutNebraska is an organization that seeks to make an impact by advocating, celebrating and educating to better the lives of LGBTQA+ people in Nebraska. One great resource they offer is the OutNebraska Resource Directory, which promotes both LGBTQA+ owned business and other employers who are allies to the LGBTQA+ community in various ways. Finding organizations on this directory is a great way to identify potential employers that care about inclusion and equity in Nebraska.

Nebraska Competes is a “non-partisan coalition of businesses committed to achieving nondiscrimination policies at the community and state levels…” By advocating for nondiscrimination policies, Nebraska Competes is specifically calling for consumers and employees to be protected from being denied a job, housing, or services based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. Looking at which companies have signed on to this coalition is a great way to look for companies that prioritize inclusion and are making a public and active stance to promote equity.


By Greyson Holliday
Greyson Holliday Graduate Career Advisor