Job Accommodation Network (JAN) Deep Dive

The Job Accommodation Network, or JAN or short, is an outstanding resource that can provide useful information to a broad range of folks. In this blog, I’ll highlight some helpful features of JAN and discuss how you can use this information to make informed career decisions. While I’ll mostly talk about resources that could pertain to job seekers and employees, keep in mind that JAN also serves employers and others who support people with medical conditions and disabilities.

According to JAN’s website, they serve:

  • “Employers and their representatives seeking guidance on practical ways to engage in the interactive process, provide job accommodation solutions, and comply with Title I of the ADA;
  • Individuals with medical conditions and disabilities seeking information about job accommodation solutions, employment rights under the ADA, and self-employment and entrepreneurship opportunities; and
  • Family members and rehabilitation, medical, educational, and other professionals in their effort to support successful employment outcomes for individuals with medical conditions and disabilities.”

One of the core missions of JAN is to provide guidance on job accommodations and other professional disability employment issues. For instance, JAN offers information about:

  • How to disclose a disability
  • How to request accommodations
  • How to negotiate accommodations
  • Accommodation ideas
  • Your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • What to do if you believe your rights are being violated

In particular, one resource that can be really helpful is the A to Z of Disabilities and Accommodations. This resource allows users to search by disability, limitation, work-related function or topic to find an accommodation that may work for you. Additionally, JAN provides example situations of people experiencing the disability, and provides different accommodations that could be helpful in those situations. Many of these disability pages also include accommodation considerations, questions to consider and outside resources and articles that you can access.

Another resource that could be helpful is the Practical Approach to Looking for a Job as a Person with a Disability guide. The four different sections break down: What kind of job is right for you?, Who can help you find the right job?, Are you prepared for a job interview?, and You got the job. Now what?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how/if to disclose a disability. This resource provides many considerations that can be evaluated, including Dos and Don’ts. Additional situations are also included that give examples of people making a decision about disclosure.

Finally, everyone’s situation is different. Even two people with the same disability many have very different experiences. Therefore, to contact JAN and request an individual consultation, find their Contact Us page here. You can connect with them by phone, email, social networks, mail, or a chat feature directly on JAN’s website.

If you’re a UNL student or alumni, and would like to talk though any of the information covered in this blog or have any other questions related to your career, please feel free to email Greyson Holliday ( to schedule an appointment.

By Greyson Holliday
Greyson Holliday Graduate Career Advisor