Resource Highlight: Incorporating Pronouns and Preferred/Chosen Name

It is becoming increasingly common for professionals to include their pronouns on professional documents. Both individuals who identify within the LGBTQA+ community and allies who want to normalize the practice of giving pronouns, and using correct pronouns, often include their pronouns in a variety of locations within resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn/Handshake profiles and within their email signature. By putting pronouns on your professional documents, you can also show that you do not make assumptions about other people’s pronouns or their gender identity. For specific guidance about how to incorporate your pronouns or chosen name, please see the handout at this link. However, putting pronouns on professional documents may not always feel safe or comfortable for everyone. Therefore, if or how pronouns or chosen name are put on professional documents should be considered a personal decision and respected without question.


By Greyson Holliday
Greyson Holliday Graduate Career Advisor