Students Report Success in the First Generation Career Readiness Series at Nebraska


University Career Services launched the First-Generation Career Readiness Series in the Fall of 2020 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The series was an opportunity to respond to the need to truly prepare Fist-Gen students for the workforce. At total of 80 students participated in the First Generation Career Readiness Series across the two semesters. Students also gained strategies to find jobs and internships, and meet and hear from professionals from a variety of fields. The First Gen Career Readiness Series was part of seven session series that covered a variety of career development topics unique to First Generation students. In addition, to a great experience students received a FREE professional headshot and a First, But Not Alone T-shirt sponsored by University Career Services and First Generation at Nebraska. Approximately 75% of participants attended the First Gen series Live on Zoom while others participated via the recordings. When students were asked whether they would recommend the series to other fellow students, one student shared the following:

Yes, because you receive information about things that we as students don’t really think about or even know about until we are at the end of our college career.

Through workshop activities, discussions, hands-on practice, and professional and student panels, First Gen students had the opportunity to identify and communicate their strengths, explore career pathways, learn how to communicate their experiences in resumes, cover letter, and personal statements, and interviews. Students expressed positive remarks regarding their experience with the series:

It helped me understand topics that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn about in other places.

It was useful for what actual life is like.

I would recommend this series because it is an essential skill for any adult in a professional field.

It gives a general template for establishing a career for life after college.


(Left to Right: First Gen students Sandra Juan-Ramirez, Angel Trujillo, and Clara Perez, participants of the First Generation Career Readiness Series received a professional headshot and First, But Not Alone t-shirt sponsored by University Career Services and First Generation at Nebraska. Photo Credits: Kevin Escamilla, First Generation-Marketing Intern at University Career Services)

Thank you to all our wonderful students and campus partners who made the First Generation Career Readiness Series a success. We are absolutely proud of our students for taking the initiative to prepare for their future and participate in their career development, expect similar programs in the Fall of 2021!

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By Letty Garcia
Letty Garcia Career Advisor