Learn from the Experts in Public Policy/Administration, Public Health and Foreign Service/NGOs

Career Meet-Up Itinerary

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, 5:30 PM

To access the program go to this link

Below are the details on how the event is structured, how to prepare, and what you will gain by attending.

 -The program will start with a brief introduction from our panelists in the five concentration areas below.

-Next, we will move to Zoom break-out sessions, where students will select their first area of interest.

-Students will have the option of attending more than one session if they are interested in multiple concentrations.

*Check out the impressive panel of professionals below who will share their stories and insight about their fields.

Foreign Service/NGO   

Public Administration

Public Policy/Legislation

            Public Health             

Public Policy/Nonprofit


Frequently asked questions about Career Meet-ups:

What Is A Career Meet-Up?
It’s a more relaxed, low-pressure way to connect & learn from professionals in fields of interest. Students can gain insight and ideas about how to better prepare for the field while making valuable connections.

Can any majors attend this event?
Yes, this event welcomes any and all majors/minors, as well as graduate, Ph.D., and Law students who have an interest in learning more about these specific career pathways.

What if I am not sure I want to go into this field but I’m interested?
A meet-up is well-matched for someone exploring their career options.  The attendance ranges from students who are wanting to learn more about these fields, to students who are more certain and may be looking for insight/ideas to help them break into the field. Any level of interest or experience in these fields is what makes a Career Meet Up a great and tailored experience for students.

How do I prepare?
Review the bios from each professional linked to concentrations below & come up with questions to ask during the Meet Up. The dress code is casual.

What will I gain from attending?
From this Meet Up you will gain insight & ideas about how to better prepare for the field while making valuable connections.

Please contact Kristen Aldrich or Tracy Lungrin if you have questions about the event.

By Tracy Lungrin
Tracy Lungrin Director Tracy Lungrin