Virtual Career Fair Attire: Dress for Success without Breaking the Bank

UNL’s spring virtual career fairs are happening Feb. 23-26th so it’s time to start preparing to have a great career fair experience.  Even though interactions with employers will be online, professional dress is still encouraged for virtual professional interactions. Here are a few ideas on how to build your professional wardrobe without breaking the bank:

  • Man and woman dressed in professional attireHusker Suit-Up: UNL Career Services and JCPenney are once again teaming up to create an opportunity for UNL students, staff, and faculty to build up their professional wardrobes at discounted prices.  The spring event runs Feb. 5-7, 2021, and includes an additional 30 % off professional attire which you can take advantage of in-store or online.  Click here to learn more about how to download the coupon and take advantage of this unique event.
  • Thrift stores: You may be surprised at how many professional attire pieces are hiding in the racks of your local thrift stores.  Look for well-made, classic pieces that still have a lot of life in them.  It may be difficult to find a full outfit in one visit, but if you swing by a few times and keep your eyes open for foundational pieces, you may be surprised at how quickly you can build a professional wardrobe on a limited budget.
  • Family members/close friends: Do you have a family member or close friend that is a similar size and has an established professional wardrobe?  Ask them if they have a couple of core pieces that you could borrow for your career fair sessions or interview.  This option could allow you to borrow a professional outfit at no cost and give you time to gather additional professional pieces before your summer internship or professional experience begins.

Need some inspiration for business formal or business casual outfits?  Check out the professional attire section in the Job Search Handbook (pg. 43) or visit the UNL Career Services Pinterest boards for ideas to help to build your professional wardrobe.

Don’t forget, your attire isn’t the only preparation you need to do before the fairs.  Check out the following preparation events and materials to help you  have a great virtual career fair experience:

African American male participating in a virtual event on laptop.Career Fair From Home: Preparing Huskers for the Virtual Career Fair
Tuesday, February 9th, 2021, 10:00-11:30 AM CST
Repeat session: Wednesday, February 10th, 2021, 10:00-11:30 AM CST

Career Fair Prep Open Canvas Site
This open Canvas shell contains information on preparing and participating in the virtual space.

Career Coaching Appointment
Don’t miss out on the wealth of knowledge and assistance a Career Coach can provide.  Set up a virtual appointment to get 1:1 assistance.

By Amber Pape
Amber Pape Senior Events & Marketing Coordinator