Connect with Internships and Full-Time Positions at the Career Fair!

February is Career Fair Month at UNL! You can get connected with internships and full-time jobs from employers across fields and industries at the virtual University Career Fair, February 23-26, 2021.

Over four days, each targeted to different career pathways reflected in UNL majors, students and employers will meet to talk about a wide variety of career opportunities. This year, the Education Career Fair will also be held on February 26, connecting students with school districts and other employers. Employers have been registering for the Career Fair and setting up individual and group sessions for which students must sign-up. The Career Fair, including registering and signing-up for employer sessions, will again take place on the Handshake virtual platform. For more information on the Career Fair and Handshake visit

Prepare for the virtual Career Fair at the Career Fair From Home Prep Event which features employers and Career Coaches discussing and answering questions in a casual setting on topics such as:

  • Technical Steps, How-To’s, and Troubleshooting
  • Setting Up Yourself and Your Space for Success in a Virtual Fair
  • Preparing for a 1:1 Session v. a 30 Minute Group Session
  • Finding Employers of Interest and Deciding the Days to Attend

Each breakout session will be repeated successively for you to come and go in any order during the program. After these breakout sessions will be the Closing Q & A and Employer Expectations Panel where employers answer any remaining questions you may have about attending and making the most of the virtual Career Fair.

The Career Fair From Home Prep Event will be held Tuesday, February 9, 10-11:30am and will be repeated Wednesday, February 10, 10-11:30am. Learn more about the Career Fair From Home Prep Event at

Register for the spring Career Fair and sign-up for sessions with employers of interest in advance of the Career Fair, held February 23-26, and prepare by participating in one of the Career Fair From Home Prep Events! Learn more at!   

By Emily Wilber
Emily Wilber Assistant Director for Career Education & Inclusion