Looking for a Campus Job for Spring 2021? Read on!

Campus jobs are available and advertised in Handshake. Apply now for those of interest!

Part-time jobs on and off campus are listed in Handshake a job search system found on University Career Services website. You can specifically select a search of just on campus jobs. Some currently listed positions include Research Assistant, Wellness Attendant, Security Guard, and more! Work-Study jobs can be found in Handshake, too, with many of the same titles available. If a campus position does not specify Work-Study as a requirement, reach out to the department to ask about the possibility of setting up their positions through Work-Study, which is possible in many cases.

If you can, consider working off campus. Lincoln is one of the biggest cities in the Big Ten and there are many opportunities in the city. Handshake also lists these opportunities. Currently, those listings include titles such as Social Media Marketing, Writer/Editor, Teller, Photographer and more!

The search is competitive for any job on or off campus, Work-Study funded or not. Below are a few tips to success:

  • Develop a resume. In a survey of campus employers, 50% required a professional resume.
  • Follow the instructions. Every department on campus has their own hiring process, which may include an online application or sending a resume through Handshake.
  • Apply for several and keep applying. You do not have to wait to hear back from one employer before applying for another.
  • Reach out to the employer. If you do not hear from a department to which you applied within a week, email or call them to demonstrate your initiative and communications skills.
  • Connect with a Career Coach! To schedule an appointment with a Career Coach for help with all this and more, visit the University Career Services website here.

Do not forget summer opportunities either. Some appear in the listings now, too. For example, the New Student Enrollment Orientation Leader and Husker Adventures Summer Camp Counselor positions are currently listed in Handshake and more will be coming throughout the semester.

Now is the time to start looking for and applying for spring semester and summer jobs. To learn more about about about UNL’s student job listing system, visit Handshake. Also, connect with a Career Coach early and often!


By Emily Wilber
Emily Wilber Interim Director/Asst Director, Career Education & Inclusion