Meet Erika Casarin: A Mind For Business, A Heart For Service

Erika Casarin is a junior majoring in Management in the College of Business and our student success spotlight for the week. Unfortunately last spring internship was canceled due to Covid-19, but that did not stop her from launching her own baking business during the pandemic, and she also used the downtime to hone her networking skills.

Not only was she building valuable soft skills by establishing a customer base for her baking business; she was also able to do some strategic networking where she was able to connect with one of our friends and employer partners/recruiters, Micah Linblad from Nelnet, who then introduced Erika to fellow recruiters Amy Dorenback and Kaylie Bowman at Complete Children’s Health on their conversation regarding her career interests, goals and values.

After meeting with Erika and learning her outstanding story, they offered her an HR Internship this fall. As you can see, she’s elated about this experience because it will help her gain relevant and field experience toward her goal of earning a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership to deepen her knowledge and expertise in the management, business and organizational principles.

By Tracy Lungrin
Tracy Lungrin Director