Tell UNL About Your Internship/Co-op, Volunteerism, Research, and other Experience!

UNL students participate in a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities and the University wishes to capture information around these experiences.  If you have had an internship/co-op, volunteer, research, or career-related experience this summer or fall, share your experience via the Experiences Survey which is now open in your MyRed Message Center.

Sharing your experience(s) will only take 3 minutes and the information you provide helps other students learn about opportunities, impacts UNL’s accreditation and academic rankings, and influences the future value of the degree you’re working hard for now. Have more than one experience to report?  That’s great, just click this link again to share your additional experiences.

Here are some answers to FAQs you might have:

  • Why is UNL interested in this information? 
    • Student experiential learning activities affect UNL rankings and accreditation and can affect the value of attending and attaining a degree at UNL.
    • This data will be shared so advisors and departments can more accurately tell the career and experiential narratives taking place in their units.
  • What information is being captured?
    • General information on Internships, Co-ops, Research, and Volunteerism is being captured.
    • The survey specifically asks about experiences a student has had during the summer and/or fall 2020 terms. Students should not report anything upcoming or further back.
  • How is it being captured?
    • Student information is being captured through a survey in MyRed.
    • Students can complete the survey multiple times. So if they did both an internship AND research, they can simply click the link a second time to report their second experience.
  • How will it be used?
    • Data will be used to understand what types of experiential learning Huskers engage in, how often, for how long, when, and where.
    • Unique student data will be kept, as always, confidential and will not be shared to outside entities, only aggregate data may be shared.

Please contact Mallory Celani at if you have questions.

Learn how to find the Experiences Survey in MyRed here:


By Mallory Celani
Mallory Celani Assistant Director of Employer & Internship Strategy