Major Exploration Week – Fall 2020


The Explore Center is so excited to have you join us for this year’s Majors Fair. Like most events in 2020, we’ve gone virtual, and are pleased to share with you videos from many of the majors and departments on campus. The videos are an excellent way to begin or continue exploring the wide variety of majors that UNL has to offer. The best part? You can access these videos whenever and wherever is convenient for you!

Click here to access the Virtual Majors Fair.

Want to continue the major exploration process? Click here for more resources.

This week, the Explore Center is also hosting 2 major exploration workshops:
Tuesday, September 29 from 4-5pm:
• Using Media & Technology in Major Exploration (Live on Zoom)
Using the sites, apps and streaming services you use every day, this interactive workshop will help you think of ways to use YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, podcasts, etc. to explore majors and careers. We will discuss techniques, pros/cons, and questions to think about while scrolling, searching, and browsing.
Thursday, October 1 from 4:30-5:30pm:
• How to Choose a Major (Live on Zoom)
Start narrowing down your list of potential majors at this workshop. Learn about important details to consider when choosing a major and how to take advantage of available resources to explore your options.

The Explore Center is always here to help you navigate the major exploration process. If you would like to schedule an appointment with an Explore Center advisor, click here.

By Kelsey Yadon
Kelsey Yadon Career Advisor