Darwin Archie

Career Coach

Darwin Archie

Pronouns: He/Him/His

How did you gain experience when you were a student?

As a first-generation African American male starting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was very hard at for me at first, as I had no guide, starting point, or many people that looked like me going in my direction. I was able to start gaining my experience through TRIO and Oasis, first connecting with people from similar backgrounds, and then by asking important questions. I also started working at the Campus Recreation center where I was able to get more connected throughout campus. Eventually I would join more groups and started becoming more comfortable speaking with college professors.

How did you become a career development professional?

Becoming a career development professional was a long journey for me, as I hadn’t a clue where I was going. I gained much experience working for the TRIO programs helping others find their way. After college I became a behavior health specialist with the army reserves, and a community center leader in Denver and Phoenix. Through my experience exploring multiple careers, and helping others find their own, it became clear this was my journey. I had done this job at a smaller capacity, so now is the time for me to take it on fully.

Who is someone who impacted your career development?

There are so many people that impacted my career development, but there are some that should especially be mentioned. My TRIO family ( Joan Mendoza-Gorham, Colette Yellow-Robe,  Marianna Burks, & Joyce Lehn) has impacted me tremendously, as they build the foundation that allowed me to be the best version of me. Another very important part was taken on a mentor in T.J. McDowell. He has challenged me to take on challenges and push myself in ways I had not before. Seeing him do all he does as the Assistant-Vice Chancellor of student affairs has also motivated me to do even more.

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