2024 Summer Internship Program Employer Application

Summer Internship Program Employer Application 2024

Please provide the information requested below keeping in mind we will use this to advertise the opportunity to students. Consider your target student audience and include elements which may be of importance to them.

Please Note

All Summer Internships must be located in Lincoln, Nebraska.
To participate in the Summer Internship Program, you must be one of the following: a 503(c), benefit corporation, or city/state government agency. Please indicate which your organization is below.(Required)
Please provide a brief overview of your organization.
Max. file size: 31 MB.
Please provide a jpg of your organizations logo.

Internship Details

Interns will work 20-25 hours per week from May 13 through August 9. See Employer Expectations for the full list internship requirements.
Intern Supervisor Name(Required)
Please select which one best reflects the work the intern will be doing (not your organizations industry). Your distinction will help us to promote this position to students who would be interested in the opportunity. More information about career interest areas can be found here: https://careers.unl.edu/channels/career-interest-communities/
Please include the goals of the position, the responsibilities, and the activities the intern will be given. This descriptions should include details that help students visualize themselves in the position and give them an idea of what their daily responsibilities will be.
Additionally, if students will be using specific programs, apps, or software, include that here.
If the position has qualifications, please list them here. These qualifications are intended to help student determine if they would be a good fit but not to create barriers. They could be phrased like, “The ideal candidate has had exposure to…” or list of basic skills necessary for the position.
*This information will not be displayed on the internship listing. We want to ensure that interns will receive mentorship, training, and support so that they have the opportunity to learn and develop skills in a supportive environment.
Organizations can request up to 2 interns depending on funding and availability.
Summer Internships must be able to accommodate 75% or greater in-person hours.

Bio Questions

Following are a few questions for students to get to know you
Max. file size: 31 MB.

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