2021 Spring University Virtual Career Fair

Welcome to UNL’s Spring 2021 Virtual Career Fairs!

Log into the virtual career fairs via Handshake.

Career Fair Zoom Help Rooms:

Experiencing technical issues?  Not sure where to access the virtual career fair? Have a last minute question for a career coach before your session?  Click on the appropriate Zoom Room link below to get live assistance from Career Services.  Zoom rooms open 1 hour before each fair and run throughout the entire fair each day.

Student Zoom Help Room            Employer Zoom Help Room


Employers planning to attend the College Leadership Meet & Greet opportunities on Wednesday, February 24th and Thursday, February 25th, can connect via the following Zoom links:

Wednesday, February 24th at 10:30 AM: Engineering & Graduate Studies
Thursday, February 25th at 10:30 AM: Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources & Graduate Studies


The Career Services Community across the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus is excited to host University Career Fairs virtually in the Spring of 2021. UNL’s Virtual University Career Fair will take place over four days, each day designated as specific to various career pathways.  To learn more about Career Pathways, look here.

Students, alumni, and employers can all access the Virtual Career Fairs through Handshake. This virtual platform enables students and employers to connect via video, chat, or both. Click here to learn more about Handshake at UNL. If you are already acquainted with Handshake, you can select any day of the Career Fair below to register. Registration for employers opens December 1st and registration for students opens February 8th!


Spring 2021 University Career Fair

University Career Fair

Register for Day 1
Tuesday, February 23rd, 12 pm – 4 pm

Career Pathways: Science & Research, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Computer Science & Development, Math & Data Analytics, Marketing, Advertising, Sales & Service, Hospitality & Tourism

Register for Day 2
Wednesday, February 24th, 12 pm – 4 pm

Career Pathways: Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing

Register for Day 3
Thursday, February 25th, 12 pm – 4 pm

Career Pathways: Transportation & Logistics, Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Nutrition, Finance, Accounting, Banking & Insurance

Register for Day 4
Friday, February 26th, 12 pm – 4 pm

Career Pathways: Business, Management and Operations, Training, Government & Public Administration, Human Services & Non-profit, Law, Public Safety & Security, Health & Public Health

Other Spring 2021 Career Fairs

Education Career Fair
Friday, February 26th, 9 am – 12 pm

Architecture Career/Internship Fair
Thursday, February 25th & Friday, February 26th


Career Fair Preparation for Students

This spring’s Career Fairs offer the opportunity for UNL students and alumni to engage virtually with employers. To support their experience, Career Services has created a Canvas shell and an event offering information on preparing and participating in the virtual space.

Career Fair Prep Open Canvas Site

Career Services has created a Canvas shell with information for students on preparing and participating in the virtual space. Find information, tips, and tricks for this fall’s fairs here!

Room Reservations Available for Students On-Campus

University Career Services has limited space available for student use during the days of the virtual career fairs. Five small rooms are available for 30-minute blocks in the City Campus Union. Click on the link above to learn more and reserve a space!


To support each of our audiences this spring, we have created the following FAQs and resources. Please select the group you belong to for more information:

  • Students & Alumni

    Joyful young female in wireless headphones waving wand greeting to screen while sitting at table and having video chat with business partners using laptop against blurred dark interior of comfortable loft office                                                       


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers & Resources

    How do I access Virtual Career Fairs? The platform for Virtual Career Fairs at UNL is Handshake. Learn more about Handshake here!
    How can I prepare for the Career Fair? Career Services has several options to help you prepare for the Career Fair:

    • Schedule an appointment with a career coach for valuable 1:1 help and guidance on attending Career Fairs and to get your application materials reviewed
    • Access the Canvas Virtual Career Fair Prep page to learn on your own time about best practices for before, during, and after the fair
    • View recordings from this fall’s prep event “Career Fair from Home” to hear from coaches and employers on specific topics and/or to get your questions answered in real time
    How do I register for the fair? Do I have to register to attend?

    To register, navigate to any day of the Career Fair in Handshake (above) and select the “Register” button.

    For the virtual Career Fair, students are required to register ahead of time. Learn more about the process using this resource from Handshake.

    Where can I find a list of employers attending each day of the fair?

    Information on which employers are attending which day are available on the landing page for each day of the fair. To access these, select a Career Fair day above and scroll down to the section labeled “Employers Attending”:

    Shows list of employers attending day 1 of career fair

    Is the Career Fair open to alumni? Yes – the virtual Career Fair is open to alumni. However, logging in to Handshake as an alum is a bit different from the process for current students. Click here to learn more about accessing Handshake as an alumni.
    How do I meet with employers in the virtual platform? In Handshake’s virtual platform, there are two ways students can meet with employers, including large group sessions of up to 50 students, and 10-minute 1:1 sessions with recruiters. To learn more about each of these experiences, look here for resources.
    Can I attend the fair if I am a freshman or sophomore? Yes! All students are encouraged to attend Career Fairs throughout their academic experiences, no matter where they are in their journey.
  • Employers & Hiring Organizations


    Due to ongoing event criteria for UNL, the Spring 2021 University Career Fairs will be virtual. Just as this fall, we have opted to go with the virtual fair platform from Handshake. We implemented Handshake as our campus-wide student and employer engagement platform in the Fall of 2018. Since then, every student across UNL’s campus has been provided with access as part of their attendance at UNL.

    Handshake Virtual Career Fair Training for Employers Webinar (Recorded)

    In mid-July, Handshake held a Virtual Fair Training for Employers webinar and sent out the recording. We strongly recommend that employers have all of their team members who will be attending or working on the upcoming fair. You can find this Employer Webinar here!

    UNL Career Services Employer Education Webinar Series

    Ahead of the fair, UNL Career Services is offering a free series of webinars to employers. Learn more about upcoming webinars and register, or view recordings of past webinars here!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers & Resources

    How do I register for and access this Spring’s Virtual Career Fair? The platform for this fall’s Virtual Career Fair is Handshake. Learn more about Handshake here!
    What is included with my Virtual Career Fair registration? Each employer registration fee offers up to two days of attendance to the Career Fair.
    Can I send swag and freebies to campus for students this fall? What sponsorship opportunities are available?

    We are unable to offer delivery or hand out of employer swag items to students this fall. However, University Career Services is creating “Swag Bags” for faculty and staff who commit to marketing the Career Fair to students by providing extra credit or requiring attendance. Employers interested in providing 50 pieces of swag for this campaign should contact Holly Pham for more information.

    Employers are also invited to sponsor door prizes for students that register for the University Career Fair. Door prizes should be $50-75 in value.  Gift cards, gift baskets or items that are enjoyed by college students are popular options.  Again, contact Holly Pham if you are interested in participating in this opportunity.

    What do I do if I registered for the wrong day? If you believe you have registered for the wrong day or would like to otherwise change you registration, please contact Chance Radtke.

    How do I set up my schedule for the Virtual Career Fair?

    Is my company required to set up a schedule? Can I just talk to students as they arrive?

    As of late July, employers have the capability to schedule their 1:1 and Group Sessions. Learn more about how to set up schedules here. Employers will have the ability to set up their 1:1 and group sessions once the registration for the fair has been approved. Employers will be approved to attend the fair once payment for their registration has been remitted.

    At this time, once a schedule has been confirmed and sent out to be claimed by the attending representatives for the fair, the schedules cannot be adjusted. However, Handshake will be rolling out an update sometime in September which will allow for schedules to be adjusted after the fact, up until the day of the fair.

    If an employer does not set up 1:1 or group session schedules, there will be no way to interact with students during the fair. 

    How can my organization stand out during the Virtual Career Fair? Look here for tips and tricks on standing out this fall.
    How will day-after interviews work if I hold them?

    Employers are welcome and encouraged to continue to provide interviewing opportunities for candidates they meet during the fair. With the transition to a virtual platform, Career Services will not be hosting any formal in-person interviewing events. Instead, employers will be responsible for hosting interviews via a company-sponsored platform or a preferred external platform such as Zoom.

    Interview schedules should be requested in Handshake, allowing students to sign up for available times and to review. Virtual interviewing allows for more flexibility in scheduling, so you are not limited to interviewing candidates only on the day following a fair. If your proposed schedule falls on a date that appears to be unavailable in Handshake, please contact us so that we may make adjustments to allow for approval.

    How can employers and organizations engage with students on-campus this fall? Information regarding on-campus engagement is available upon request. Please contact Holly Pham if interested.
    How can I change how many reps I have attending and who those reps will be? Career Services can designate a ‘Schedule Owner’ giving another member of your staff the ability to create your Career Fair schedules. Please contact us for assistance with this.
    How many Career Fair days can employers attend? Why is there a limit?

    In the virtual space, it has been shown that more meaningful connections are made when there is a limit on the number of participants. While we have categorized each day by Career Pathways for employers, students are not limited to the number of days they attend. If you find that your company has opportunities spanning more than two of the fair days, it is still possible to meet a number of qualified candidates during the 2 days you will be in attendance.

    Be a proactive employer. If you have relevant positions in Handshake, be sure to include information about your fair participation to drive attendance. Utilize messaging and engage with potential candidates prior the fairs, letting them know which days you will be in attendance. If you have further questions on how you can maximize your fair experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out

    Where can I learn about tricks and tips for engaging virtually? The virtual space is new for many folks – learn more about the best ways to engage virtually here!
  • Faculty, Staff & Academic Programs

    Faculty, Staff & Academic Programs


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers & Resources

    Can staff and faculty attend the virtual Career Fair? Faculty and staff are invited to view the virtual Career Fair via Handshake with a student account. If you are interested in creating a student account, contact Mallory Celani.
    Where can I find a list of employers attending each day of the fair? How can I share this with students? Information on registered employers is available to anyone with a Handshake account. All UNL students are provided with an account they can sign into via SSO. To learn more about accessing Handshake, look here.
    Where can I find materials to promote Career Fairs to students? University Career Services has created marketing materials such as flyers, linked resources, and PowerPoint slides for everyone on campus – materials coming soon.
    Can I register an academic program for an employer booth at the Career Fair? In a typical year, UNL Academic Programs are invited to register for University Career Fairs, and our virtual fair is no different. If you lead an academic program and would like to sign up for a booth, simply select the Non-Profit/Government registration option to get a reduced-cost registration. We are unable to offer no-fee registration to academic programs due to space limitations.
    Is the Career Fair open to the general public or students from other institutions?  Due to space limitations, we are unable to invite the public or students from other institutions to this fall’s Career Fairs.
    How can students learn more about preparing for the fair? Career Services has several options to help students prepare for the Career Fair:

    • Schedule an appointment with a career coach for valuable 1:1 help and guidance on attending Career Fairs and to get your application materials reviewed
    • Access the Canvas Virtual Career Fair Prep page to learn on their own time about best practices for before, during, and after the fair
    • Attend a “Career Fair from Home” session to hear from coaches and employers on specific topics and/or to get your questions answered in real time.
    • Invite a career coach to visit your class for a brief presentation! You can request a presentation here.